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[IMD]~Makin' Waves WiP [IMD]~Makin' Waves WiP

Rated 5 / 5 stars

It's great!

I truely like it so far, and i'm definitely wanna get to hear it when it's finished!
A couple of things could be improved in my opinion tho,

The bass sounds a little bit too raw if you get what i mean, i might suggest making it a little smoother.

Also the Hat in the start of the song doesn't really fit that part and personally i would try and make it either sound a little less rough OR make it an off beat hat instead, i'm not intirely sure about that last suggestion but i'm sure you could just try it out.

Also, i suppose you're using C G A F for the bass line and i know that solo it might sound superb but in my ears, combined with the melody it seems to me like it should go up (To say a B Flat or something) instead of down to an F. (But only in the second part). Not intirely sure about this tho, you migh also try to stick with the F and throw in an occaisional F - F - F E D E. I hope you get what i mean with this but i'm not getting my hopes up :p.

Besides that i think the song is great and once you get to Finish + Master it it's going to be another great one by IMD!

Let me know when it's finished alright mate, goodluck with the rest of it!


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IceMasterDlux responds:

Thank you man! I really appreciate your review a lot! I will try to fix the stuff that you mentioned, but honestly, I don't know how to do the whole f-f-f- e d e thing because I never learned anything about music, I just do elctronic dance stuff. I seriously can't play instruments worth beans lol! I will try to make it as good a song as possible though! God bless!
!IceMasterDlux ><>

[IMD]~Summer Lights! [IMD]~Summer Lights!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I never thought it was possible,

But you actually managed to get me to like a happy hardcore song!

Not your best work in my opinion, but that's mostly because your other work is too great to surpass! 9th. on the "Best Tracks Ever" list as well so once again fantastic job.

I really like the instrument you used to intro the song, don't hear that too often so i was wondering if you could send me that sample one day!


IceMasterDlux responds:

Thanks so much, man! I'm glad I got you to like a song from this genre, haha! I'm very glad you like it. And a HUGE congratulations to you for your #7 on the list! When I saw that I was so glad, you only have like 3 songs on NG and already making front page! Like I already told you, you have huge potential man. The accordian sample in the beginning was of DirectWave on FL, so you can actually get that for free. Thanks again my friend! God bless!
!IceMasterDlux ><>

Rellika - Glympse Rellika - Glympse

Rated 5 / 5 stars


You state in your "Author Comments" That it's not your best work and that it's not mastered, but i've got to tell you that i truely enjoy this piece of music, probably more then any of your other pieces.

Love the intro with the fade in and the explosive transition at +- 0:53, just how i like it. Mate i've got to tell you this again, don't stop making music because all of it is incredible, and this song blew me away to be honest!